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Superior quality mens shoes

If like us you think that shoes make the man, then you'll agree that looking good isn't enough, you need to be comfortable too. At Fluchos our aim has been the same since 1960; to produce the best quality comfortable mens shoes. We draw on all of this experience in todays production process and round it out with a handmade finish. You can find all kinds of mens shoes in our online shop: from sport shoes to dress shoes and even open shoes for the summer. We offer a whole range of different shoe styles so that you can be sure of perfect fitting, superior quality mens shoes for any occasion. We believe that every shoe style is a work of art, designed with great care and dedication because your comfort is our top priority. If you are looking for a high quality, contemporary shoe, made with care down to the last detail then you've come to the right place. Why not visit our online shop and take a look at the products we offer?

The best quality mens shoes

If you take a look at our range of shoes you will see that we always insist on quality materials, quality styles and excellent fit. That is because we pride ourselves on having a brand that insists on high standards, prioritising light weight shoes with a comfortable fit. All of the mens shoes you'll find on our website are unique. That is why we give each style has its own name: Aquiles, César, Bahamas…so give your feet a name which makes them feel comfortable! Try one of the styles available now! In just a few seconds your choice can be added to shopping cart and on its way to you. In just 24 hours your feet could have a whole new lease of life. Stop thinking about it and do it!