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The Antonio Orozco Huellas collection by Fluchos

“A traveler doesn't always know where they are going, their path appears as they go along…” It is up to us to take the path which builds a better world. At Fluchos our path has led us to participate in community projects by designing special collections: The Huellas collection - Huellas means footprints. Shall we tell you a little more? Huellas or footprints is a project which has arisen from the large social gap that exists in Spain at the moment. As all of our products are made in Spain we want to continue contributing to the economic and social development of its people, especially children, who are at risk of social exclusion. This desire to contribute led to the birth of the Huellas collection. Our paths are not only made by walking forwards, we can also leave footprints or huellas if the path has been well constructed. We donate 1€ from each sale to Fundacion Voces to help fund their cultural programmes which fight against poverty.

Antonio Orozco the amazing spokesperson for our Huellas shoe collection

The singer Antonio Orozco is particularly involved with social, charitable and collective causes. This is why he has decided to take part in the Fluchos Huellas shoe collection initiative. We could not have wished for better help! With Orozco's guidance we have designed a shoe line and the profits will be donated to social causes. What are you waiting for? Get involved with this incredible social initiative today. Our travels have led us down the right path and we can assure you that it is covered in beautiful, exquisite footprints. Join us today with a pair of shoes from our Huellas collection!