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Fluchos OutDry, waterproof, breathable, winter shoes

At Fluchos we are convinced that excellence is the key to success and our OutDry range is the perfect example expecting more from our shoes. In 2008 we added a waterproof, breathable shoe range to our collection.

By creating OutDry mens shoes we took on the challenge of the rainy season. Feet should be dry and warm in the autumn and winter months, so we came up with the idea of a shoe which would protect your feet from water. However this shoe is different from other waterproof shoes. Fluchos OutDry means no sweaty feet. We have developed technology which prevents humidity from accumulating in your shoe so that your foot can breathe. How does it work? Our shoes have a membrane between the exterior leather layer and inner lining of the shoe so that the foot remains isolated and water can never get in. We only use the right kind of leather so that humidity doesn’t stay on your foot. This combination works perfectly. All the comfort of a traditional Fluchos shoe and you’ll never have a problem in the autumn and winter rain.

What is more, OutDry shoes are always the best quality. We only make shoes using superior quality leather; these are made with calfskin leather which is brushed, waxed, cut and sewn. The superior quality leather is supple and soft to touch and it looks incredible. The other key element in Fluchos OutDry shoes is the sole, which is made from 100% rubber.

Buying a Fluchos shoe means you will always have a top quality product providing your foot with the comfort and support it needs. Our Air and Shock Absorber technology will help to reduce the impact on your feet and the removable insoles of our OutDry shoes will give you greater hygiene and comfort. If you are looking for waterproof winter shoes with interesting designs then Fluchos OutDry is the pair for you.

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